What to See in Italy – Find Italy’s Bests

Are you planning to travel around the world? Before you could complete such a vast dream of yours, you must have first begun to plan what country will serve as your benchmark. It’s hard to decide whether you will take the east, the west and other corners of it. Inch by inch thinking will surely be a good start. Consider a country, Italy for example. What would you witness when you go there? Will your travel be worth it?

Italy has an area of 301,338 km2 (116,347 sq. mi). Based from its land mass, you could surely found a place which will be of great impact to you. Like the country where you’ve been, great structures and wonders where scattered in the place. The only thing that you should do is to explore, create experiences and learn from it.

If you’ll going to explore, have its background first. If you are already familiar with the famous places there then that would be better. Decide as to what popular place or city you would like to explore first. There are several well-known places hidden in Italy. You might be familiar with one of those. If you have heard these places (particularly Florence, Rome, Venice, Tuscany Islands of Sardinia and Sicily) from one of your friends, then they have already been to Italy. These cities or places are really good in captivating tourists.

The following are Italy’s well-known places and their best offers:

  1. Florence. This is one of the most efficient spots in captivating humans’ interest. The Renaissance city in the heart of Tuscany is no other than Florence. Italy’s best museums, significant churches and stunning cathedrals, fascinating streets and elegant structures lie in this city. Endure yourself in seeing the beauty that this place proposes. Find out what are those museums, churches and cathedral. Know why how they become special.
  1. Rome. The capital city of modern Italy is solely Rome. If you are familiar about history then you’ll realized that each side of it reminds of the past. In Rome you’ll witness ancient monuments, great museums, and medieval and Renaissance buildings and fountains as well. You could also enjoy the cafés, restaurants and nightlife that boast in this extraordinary place.
  1. Venice. Are you a romantic person? Italy’s most romantic cities built on a water lagoon perfectly describe Venice. Its traffic free streets were made for great walking. If you’re with your love one then that would be truly remarkable. Like the places that are previously mentioned, Venice has also its lovely churches and palaces. Don’t dare miss it!
  1. Tuscany. This has a large region having varied landscaped in Italy. Tuscany is also one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. Attractive hill towns, countryside, seasidetowns and vineyards will surely gratify you.
  1. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily. These two largest Islands of Italy are great places to wander. Great beaches, wonderful foods and historic areas will embrace you.

Decision is one of the hardest things to make especially when you are torn between equal options. If you’re trying to avoid regrets in picking which country will give you those remarkable memories, you should get to know it first. Then when you get there, make the most out of it. Getting to know Italy is better but getting along with it, creates a lot of difference.

What to See in Italy – Explore the Country’s Greatness

Do you love to travel and explore the best of a particular area, like Italy? Probably when you heard that word, significant places and historical events would pop up into your senses. Let us extend our understanding or knowledge in this prominent place.

Italy, which borders France , Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia , has basically temperate climate covering the area of 301,338 km2 (116,347 sq. mi.) In the European Union, Italy ranked 4th in largest economy among of those world’s utmost industrialized countries. Also, it occupies the third place in the Eurozone and ranked 9th in the world by GDP. By its location and achievements, this country will really be a promising place to visit. Here are the places which you shouldn’t miss when you finally step in this delightful spot:

  1. Palazzo Pitti

This takes the idea of wealth, status and luxury. Be amazed to witness the, stunning, vast and tranquil Boboli Gardens when the wonders inside the building are not enough to satisfy your senses.

  1. Paestum

This was founded as a Greek Colony in the sixth century BC, was one of the most eye captivating place in Italy. This magnificent structure serves as remarkable evidence of history and architecture. With that wealth of other ancient ruins and stunningly conserved Greek temples, Paestum was made special.

  1. Castel del Monte

If you’re an extremely admirer of architecture or even though you are not, you will be both mesmerized by this cool astonishing structure, the Castel del Monte. It will be regretful to miss this unusually octagonal design which was described by UNESCO as a “Unique piece of medieval military architecture”. Uniqueness and antiquity are perfectly absorbed by this creation.

  1. Saint Mark’s Basilica and The Doge’s Palace

It is Located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy, Venice. It is well- known for its labyrinth has gone more popular due to this attraction, Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. Saint Mark’s Basilica which serves as the evidence of the awesome Byzantine domed architecture is one of the most salient cathedrals in Italy. Doge’s Palace on the other hand has affluence of captivating exhibitions. Better be here and make a remarkable visit.

  1. Catacombs of the Capuchins

Does this ring a bell to you? Be the one to discover the history hidden in every corner of Italy. The Catacomb of the Capuchins which was settled in Palermo, Sicily will arouse your curiosity of what was the story behind these remains. Go find answers to your questions. The bodies in catacomb will remain remarkable for its preservation. Then it became used as a burial place for the nobles, clerics and other local families. You are allowed to wander, explore, fulfil your vision and fed your mind with vast information about the place.

  1. Roman Forum and The Colosseum

It could be considered the best of the bests among the spots that you could explore in the country. These are the most frequent and most famous tourist destinations in the area proven by the millions of visitors coming in every year. Colosseum, a unique ancient stadium, can be explored from its top down to its bottom.

There are lots of place to visit in Italy not just the few mentioned above. Those are only your guide. What you want to see or discover in such a wonderful place will always depend upon you. Make your journey more colourful by visiting the places and sceneries that you want to see!

Discover the Beauty of Italy

When going to other places, what view do you like to visit most? It is the physical characteristics of a certain place that attracts every tourist. Everyone is encouraged to visit places according to its physical feature, location, hotspots and sceneries and of course the hospitality and acceptance of the people living in the said place.

One of the nicest countries is Italy which is known for its different sceneries that attracts tourists. They have different spots that really entertain people. Mostly, people travel in order to have vacation and of course to relax. There are places where tourists could visit. One of which is the water spa and wellness centre which can give the relaxation that every person desires. Everybody wants peacefulness and one suggestion where they could go is to the church and other places for worship that they can reflect and internalize. Other tourists are fond of visiting historical places especially those who are interested in arts and culture of the people. In Italy they have archaeological sites, cultural centres and museums that could help people who are interested in history and of course to provide information about the past events. Italy also has ports and fountains other bodies of water such as beaches, rivers, lakes and canals that add attraction to place. The Astronomical Site is also another scene that people could observe.

There are people who love reading even if they are outside of their country, that’s why Italian people have libraries and archives that is offered to anyone who likes to read information. Travellers will be more excited when they witness one of the observation points which are the lighthouse that could boost their willingness to try to be on top of it.

Are you a tourist who loves nature’s beauty? Do not worry because in Italy, there is a place which you will appreciate most. They have natural areas wherein the surroundings are full of flowers which can relieve any problems and worries that you feel. In Italy, there are streets and squares that serve as the arms of the city. Why is it called as the arm? It is because streets are the place wherein people are walking, talking, greeting each other and communicating. By that, they are bound to be as one and there will be unity.

There are also walls, towers and gates that are very tall which appear like they kissing the sky and it captures the attention of every person who will pass by and walk near it. There is also the wide UNESCO site where you can visit. It appears like an oval structure and it can accommodate a great crowd. It is so peaceful as you can see the green surroundings.

Visiting other places is fun and it makes us feel so great. It is a way of relieving stress and entertaining the sense of sight. Also, it gives information or background about the culture and the way people of particular country live. It is also a way of appreciating every beautiful place you have visited. Wherever you go, learn to appreciate people, places and things.